Motorcycle Destinations
Some great places to add to your must do list.

Motorcycle destinations… It’s probably one of the top items on the list of things to do when you’re a motorcycle enthusiast such as the likes of me. I know…. I know, the famous saying goes “It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.” And there are many, many times that there is no destination in mind when we get out and just go.

But in this article we want to present the subject of destinations. We pack our motorcycles with our luggage, as much as we can safely pack. Our saddlebags are stuffed tighter then a Thanksgiving Turkey. We start out just as the sun is breaking the horizon, make one last stop at the local Tim Hortons / Dunkin’ Donuts and the it’s off we go to a new and exciting destination.

So what are some of the wonderful places that we should want to visit?

How about…..


Tail of the Dragon

Cherohala Skyway



British Columbia

Prince Edward Island

The Cabot Trail

The Black Hills

The Blue Ridge Parkway

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