Motorcycle Cargo Trailers
give you loads of extra space

You attach one of many Motorcycle Cargo Trailers to your motorcycle when you have more stuff to take with you than your motorcycle alone will allow. The styles to choose from range from the very simple and thrifty to the designer end. Custom Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

Some are as simple as going to the local auto accessories parts store. There you find a very simple trailer frame and a few aisles over you locate the car top enclosed luggage carrier. Take the two kits home with you and join the carrier to the trailer frame. Voila!! You now have an official cargo trailer.

The Do It Yourselfer version is not your style? Then perhaps you contact one of the many suppliers of cargo trailers that are custom designed in strong fiberglass molded shapes and integrated to the framework for pulling behind your motorcycle. Many are available to match the color of your motorcycle. There are those that are pretty basic in the design, but never the less they will be found to be very functional. Other will have a lot of style, bells and whistles. There are also some that sport particular shapes such as sport cars, etc.All still do the same basic task.

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