Motorcycle camping the best of getting away for some relaxation

Motorcycle Camping...Is it much different than regular camping? Well camping brings to mind, packing up the car or van with as much stuff as you can possibly think of packing into the space that you have and still have enough room to fit the driver and passengers. All the items that you think you might need (yeah right) to keep from getting bored while enjoying getting back to the basics. All settled in for a week of motorcycle camping That may be all well and good when you’re traveling on four wheels. Now, reduce your packing space to about five percent of what you have in the auto take away two of those wheels, and all of a sudden the dynamics have changed drastically. Do we really need to bring the laptop? If the hair dryer doesn’t make it on board is it really the end of the world? Not only does space or the lack of enter in. It is now mandatory for you to consider that proper load distribution and balance that will ensure you are traveling safely. Also, there are things that you will have to include on the motorcycle that you would never even have on your list of items packed into the trunk of the car.

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