Motorcycle Camping Trailers should enhance your vacation
be easy to manouver
and even easier to setup

There are a myriad of motorcycle camping trailers that are available. They are all built for one basic purpose. That is to help rest your weary body after along day of traveling over that paved trail that has perhaps carried you through two states. You have arrived at your destination. Now you just want to relax and catch some well deserved shut eye.

The pop-up camper is probably the most versatile in that it can carry all of your camping gear, apparel and accessories that are required for your journey. The style of camper that you may want to purchase is a very personal thing I suppose. I have seen some that require a variation of feet that need to be attached to the bed portion of the camper. There are some that make it possible to be able to access the storage portion of the trailer from either the closed position or the open position. Something like this would be important to me and my wife. Something else that I find significant is the total weight and also the tongue weight. And I suppose the most important feature to me is the time required to get it setup and be able to step into it protecting you from the rain, that I’m sure is bound to happen. Let’s face it. If it’s going to rain, it’s going to start just as you pull into your camp site. And how inconvenient is it to be setting up camp in the pouring rain? If I can open up my motorcycle camping trailer in less than one minute, than I am a very happy camper, because I know my partner will be happy that she’s not getting drenched while we are struggling to setup camp. The available accessories for some of these units include add-a-rooms / dining rooms, AC units, double bed or single bed. On the exterior you can have chrome wheels, custom colors, and in some cases designer colored canvas. You’ll find these units to be constructed of high strength, light weight fiberglass finished in a high gloss gel coat that will withstand the many hours of road grime and sunlight. They also include a stand attached to the tongue of the trailer that will hold a sizable cooler. A nice feature when you stop to stretch your limbs and just a few from you are a couple ice cold bottles of refreshing water to recharge your body and keep you safe and alert. The drop down feet feature is convenient in that you can have your unit leveled and stabilized quickly without the need for blocking.

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