Motorcycle Apparel
Ride Safe and Still Look Great

I have learned that wearing the right motorcycle apparel allows me to really enjoy my ride. I dress for safety first and then for comfort. The nice thing is that when you buy the right motorcycle clothing, the two go hand in hand.

What’s not cool about cruising across town or the countryside for that matter, dressed in black leather?

It’s not always the coolest way to travel, (temperature wise) especially when it’s 85 degrees and you are bundled in leather clothing. Although experience has taught that if I keep my self protected on long journeys, I suffer much less after the ride is finished and I have returned home. I have traveled hundreds of miles in a day and thought myself cool looking to just ride with the half motorcycle helmet and sunglasses. Only to arrive home and two days later, break out in blisters from the wind and sun tearing at my exposed skin for the 12 to 14 hours of riding. So I paid the consequences for more than a week following a great ride. And then you don’t look so cool walking around with the skin on your face looking like you scrubbed it with steel wool. Properly protected by wearing the right clothing you will arrive at your destination much less fatigued and dehydrated.

So heed the voice of experience and wear the proper leather motorcycle jacket. If you are hell bent on wearing just the basic half helmet, fine. Then wear the designed for, motorcycle goggles or glasses and keep the exposed skin on your face covered with a face mask. It can be as simple as a cotton bandana. Don’t forget about your hands as well. Buy the proper leather gloves and you will be adding insurance to your journey, should, heaven forbid, you go down while riding. It happens. Not just to the newbie but also to the most knowledgeable and skilled among us. And what’s the biker saying? “If you don’t want it, don’t cover it”.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a good pair of motorcycle chaps. Depending on the region that you are riding through you could find yourself starting out in a nice sunny warm climate and with in a matter of minutes you could be driving into cold wet weather. You will be soaked to the skin and your body temperature will drastically drop and it will take for ever to get warm again.

Given those kind of climate changes you may consider also investing in a heated jacket liner.

Just be sure that before your venture out on your adventure. That you are dressed for or are at least carrying the correct motorcycle apparel that will keep you safe comfortable and eager to get back out on the road again as soon as possible.

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