Camping gear that you want to be sure to take along

So you’ve decided to pack up the bike with your camping gear. There is going to be a motorcycle trailer and camping excursion. Everyone has to start at the beginning once. This is the first time. You are about to venture into uncharted water so to speak. What on earth has to be packed on the motorcycle so the two weeks away from home will be enjoyable?Well, I guess a list of what will be required is as good a place to start as any. So, let’s get started.

• First aid kit.

• Tent, lean-to to act as a shelter.

• Hammer to drive tent stakes into soil.

• Sleeping bag and/or blankets for warmth.

• Sleeping pad or air mattress is placed underneath the sleeping bag for cushioning from stones and twigs as well as for insulation from the ground.

• Lantern or flashlight

• Hatchet, axe or saw for cutting firewood for a campfire.

• Fire starter or other ignition device for starting a campfire.

• Folding chairs for placement around campfire.• Ropes for stringing clothes line and for securing the shelter.• Tarp for adding additional layer of storm protection to a tent, and to shelter dining areas.

• Raincoat or poncho.

• Hiking boots. It’s optional. Are you going to go hiking?

• Fishing pole. Again, Optional.

• Chuck box to hold camp kitchen items for food preparation, consumption and cleanup.

• Trash bags particularly one with handles can be tied to a tree limb, or clothesline off the ground. For handling of waste in backcountry see Leave no trace.

• Insect repellent particularly one that has DEET.

• Sunscreen for protecting the skin.

• Personal care products and towel.

• Cooler to store perishables and beverages. If electricity is available, a thermoelectric or stirling engine cooler can be used without the need for ice.

• Beverages or portable water filter for areas that have access to rivers or lakes.

• Campers at modern campgrounds will normally bring perishable foods in coolers while backcountry campers will bring non-perishable foods such as dried fruits, nuts, jerky, and MREs.

• A tripod chained grill, Dutch oven, or La Cotta clay pot can be used for cooking on a campfire. A portable stove can be used where campfires are forbidden or impractical.

You’ve reviewed the list and determined that some of this stuff you can take from the kitchen cupboards and you’re good to go. Just keep in mind that you are going to traveling on a motorcycle. Space is extremely limited. It may be a good time to search out some camping gear that it used by backpackers or long distance cyclists.

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