Motorcycle Trailers and Camping, Great Information to Make Your Motorcycle Vacation Unforgettable

Ever since the motorcycle first came onto the North American scene, it has encouraged people to get away from the busyness of the city. It has prompted the rider to go on some adventure just by themselves. It has also been the vehicle that has taken the more adventuresome couple on the road for a day trip or maybe even for a couple days. It has inspired groups of people that enjoy motorcycling to follow the call of far away destinations, pack as much of their belongings in some sort of luggage and venture towards the opposite coastline.

This site is for those of us that have a motorcycle and want to rack up some serious miles in the next 2 -3 weeks. It is also for the rider that has found out about a neat getaway where they can pitch a tent and do some relaxing camping, over the long weekend.

Whatever your time frame may be. Whatever the distance is that you want to cover. It means packing your stuff on the two wheel chariot and just going.

Well if you happen to be like my wife and I, there is just enough room on our decker for an afternoon of cruising out in the county. The thought of an overnight trip would mean some in-depth planning. It might warrant some sort of lottery to see what would be allowed in the saddlebags.

Shall we entertain the idea of an extended distance adventure? Not unless we install a trailer hitch on the bike and tow a cargo trailer behind us.That’s one way of traveling. Of course if you’re hauling a cargo trailer, then you are either going to be setting up a tent or camping in a motel room. Another alternative would be to invest in a camper trailer. You can carry all of your apparel and camping gear that you have packed and when you stop at your chosen camp site you will be setup in a matter of minutes. The options are numerous and varied, almost as much as there are different types of motorcycle enthusiasts.

What we hope to accomplish at Motorcycle-Trailer-and-Camping is to provide you with loads of valuable information that you will find useful in your passion for motorcycling. While we are supplying you with lots of interesting stuff, we hope that you will want to keep returning to the web site and participate by sharing with everyone your stories of great trips you have experienced. Perhaps you have some wonderful photos that will tell another story that you want to display. Welcome!! Please, return often, become part of the Motorcycle-Trailer-and-Camping family.